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The Yellow Pages are dead, aren’t they?

I’ve wanted to write another article about the Yellow Pages, but want to get a quick note out about a FREE webinar tomorrow (the webinar is over, but you can still read useful yellow page and marketing information by Dick Larkin).

The webinar is moderated by Dick Larkin, the Yellow Pages Commando who is a nationally known expert who formerly worked in the Yellow Pages industry and for the last couple of years has been a proponent of online “yellow page” advertising.

I believe he has found that the print version is not yet dead and he promises to provide some very interesting and useful information. The webinar will also include several experts from the Yellow Pages industry.

I have attended several of Dick’s free webinars and they are very informative. In fact, I’m upset that I missed the last one. If you’re lucky enough to read this before tomorrow, you can sign up for the free webinar at the top of the page just under “Register Here”.

Just like a lot of people told me that TV advertising was coming to an end, many people seemed to think that the Yellow Pages would come to a quick end. While the Yellow Pages have seen a few bumps in the road, and may eventually disappear in 20 years, I believe they still work well now.


  1. They are not dead… but your presence on PPC and natural search rhythms in your area better be just as strong as your yellow page ad.


    Comment by bestradio — 11/26/2008 @ 10:30 am

  2. I agree with Tony. In my opinion It's not dead until no one will look at them. Besides, as many lawyers prefer to leave it for the greener pastures of the web 2.0, they make it more breathable for the others (if they would just stop suffocating themselves with their mediocre “copy the last year’s” ad.

    Comment by Tom St. Louis — 5/7/2009 @ 9:18 pm

  3. I am sure they work for some people. But, honestly I have tried all sorts of yellow page ads, both large and small, both flashy and traditional and none of them brought in enough revenue to pay for themselves. I also have used online yellow pages, which worked a little better but still did not break even. Exercise caution before you take out a yellow pages ad.

    Comment by tlwhitlow — 2/19/2010 @ 4:32 am

  4. I agree with Tony above as well.

    Yellow Page advertising is not in fact dead, but the only effective way to properly utilize it is to use it as part of a multi-pronged attack. Yellow Pages + Paid Search + Social Media + SEO/Organic Traffic

    -Bekka King

    Comment by Bekka King — 1/12/2012 @ 8:24 am

  5. Personally, as a lawyer who advertised via Yellow Pages I had no luck with any yellow page advertisement. I am in my 40's and I do not know anyone who even looks at the Yellow Pages. My parents use it. But, once their generation is no longer print Yellow Page may become history.

    Comment by Jon L — 1/1/2013 @ 12:15 am

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