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Will lawyers soon stream advertising into your head?

Will lawyers soon stream advertising into your head?  It’s now possible.

Sky Deutschland developed technology for advertising which was previously designed for the military called bone conduction.  Bone conduction transmits sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull by converting electrical signals to vibration.

Often seen in movies worn by military special ops troops, bone conduction technology advanced to use for people with a hearing problem as can be seen with this bone anchored hearing system and now in consumer technology such as AfterShokz headphones.

Now, Sky Deutschland is planning to beam advertising directly into the heads of commuters via train or subway windows.  The advertising is only heard by the person who leans his or her head on the train window.  The advertising is transmitted via sound to the window using a device attached to the window.  When someone leans his head against the window, he hears the advertising which sounds like it’s coming from within his head.

Although not mentioned, the device could also be used on buses.  It will probably achieve the best advertising results on trains and buses where riders are sitting for long periods of time and will likely rest their head against the window.  If the passenger’s head does not come in contact with the window, the passenger will not hear the advertising.

The truly interesting part which will probably alarm consumers is that the advertising will sound like it’s coming from inside your head.  You may think you’re crazy but with a little effort, you can try to remember that it’s just advertising!

It won’t be long before a clever lawyer starts beaming an advertising jingle into your head but you won’t be able to get it out of your head.

This video shows how advertisers can stream advertising into your head.


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