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Marketing Your Law Firm With Social Media

Law firms are marketing legal services with social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and others.
Are you feeling left behind because you don’t have the time to interact with all of these social media sites?

The question is do you really need to market your law firm on all of the social media sites or even on any of them. After working on cases and speaking with clients all day, do you really want to share content and interact with followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+?

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How Can Your Video Stand Out From the Competition?

Do you have videos on your law firm website? You should! 90% of users say a video about a product is helpful to their decision process (For statistics, see unisourceworldwide and digitalsherpa).

Video marketing is very different than a TV commercial.  A TV commercial is usually a 10, 15 or 30 second advertising spot while video marketing is a longer video commonly used for marketing on a website and social networks like Youtube, Facebook and Linkedin.

Videos made for marketing have entirely different goals, messages and lengths. As with advertising on TV, the message is crucial. The message in a marketing video must engage the viewer. Fail that and you wasted your money.

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How To Get More Time For Advertising and Marketing

Advertising and marketing costs more than money.  It costs your time.  Additionally, lawyers have to work harder and more efficiently to earn the same legal fees of years ago.

Advertising efforts can be delegated to an advertising agency but you still need to spend your time overseeing your advertising campaign.  If you have no idea what you’re agency is doing you’re doomed for failure.

With TV advertising becoming more difficult, marketing becomes even more important.  Although less expensive than advertising, marketing costs a lot more of your time.  With increased marketing, you’ll get more cases and need more time.  It’s a vicious circle.

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Cut Your Marketing Expenses When Revenues Are Down?

I received a Technolawyer e-newsletter promoting an article, by Lee Rosen, revealing the secret to charging flat legal fees. The secret is to make your fixed expenses variable. One of the expenses suggested to be changed to variable is marketing and ostensibly, advertising.

The article stated: “Now we’ve achieved variability on our marketing expenses. We have no contracts related to marketing. We can start or stop our marketing on a moment’s notice with no penalty. It’s quick and easy.”

While it can be advantageous to have variable expenses, decreasing marketing expenses when revenue is going down is a disastrous idea.  This will reduce revenue even further both now and in the future.

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Give out Your Contact Information without Business Cards

Would you like to instantly and simultaneously give your contact information to a group of people? Let’s say that you’re giving a legal seminar about asbestos litigation to a group of lawyers. Now, you can simultaneously give your contact information to every attorney listening to your seminar.

All you have to do is tell someone or a group of people to text your username on their cell phone to 50500 and your contact information will be sent to them. It’s that simple and it’s even free!

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Are Email Problems Damaging Your Marketing Effort?

Do you know how many potential clients you are losing because their e-mails are returned undelivered? I believe lawyers don’t really need new clients because eliminating spam e-mail seems to be more important.

I do TV advertising for personal injury lawyers and marketing for criminal lawyers. I often send e-mails to lawyers who request information or with attached files, such as an agreement. My e-mails are frequently returned as suspected spam or virus content.

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Think You Should Cross Sell Other Law Practice Services to Your Clients?

Many legal practice consultants advise attorneys to cross sell legal services to their existing clients. For example, I, as a personal injury lawyer, could let my clients know that my law firm also represents clients for immigration, divorce and bankruptcy. It sounds like a good way to generate new business. Even if you don’t practice in those fields, you can refer these clients to other lawyers and get paid without doing any work. But it’s actually counterproductive.

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How to Avoid Retaining New Clients for Your Law Office

The first rule of both marketing and advertising is to make it as easy as possible for your customers, or clients, to contact you, yet some law offices are actually turning away new clients.

Last week a large personal injury law firm, interested in advertising on TV, found my other website and sent me an e-mail requesting that I call with more information about 1-800-HURT-911. I called them from my private phone line, instead of my office phone line. Because my private line has caller ID blocked, I heard “Your call has been properly delivered but the party you are trying to reach is not accepting calls from callers who do not allow delivery of their telephone number.”

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Turn Traditional Business Priorities Right Side Up

Famous NASCAR driver Robby Gordon loves racing, but he likes to make money and knows how to do it. He may not have the best finish times, but he probably became a financial success quicker than anybody else on the NASCAR circuit. What’s his secret? Robby Gordon turned traditional priorities upside down or, rather, right side up. Robby said, “I own a marketing company that happens to race cars”. Robby obviously spends a considerable amount of time with marketing. He recently spent three days mentoring the owner of a floundering racecar school to appear on a great new television show for small-business entrepreneurs, The Turnaround on CNN. He also knows something else, how to adapt with the times.

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Inexpensive Lawyer Marketing – How to Compete with Lawyer Advertising

Considering lawyer advertising for your personal injury law practice? Be prepared to commit a sufficient amount of money every month without interruption. Already advertising? Get even more clients for free!

Businesses and advertising agencies have long ago realized that whether you’re advertising in a newspaper, magazine, TV or Radio, effective advertising must be consistently seen by your target audience over a long period of time. Additionally, there are other factors which require sustained advertising campaigns. There are good months and bad months for any business, but even more so for a personal injury law practice because there are so few good cases. A short test of advertising over a period of one to three months to see “if it will work out for me” is simply gambling.

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