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Bing & Google – Search Engine Evolution

Bing is now using Facebook data to display websites your friends have “liked”.  This is influencing the ranking of the search engine listing results in a way that is personal to you and will display results on the first page which could previously have been several pages deeper.

If you don’t want to see results liked by your friends, you can avoid using this feature by simply not signing into Facebook.  But I suspect the people you want to reach will be using it.

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Email Scams Targeting Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers beware of email scams.  Email scammers have been previously targeting divorce and collection lawyers to collect a debt but are now targeting personal injury lawyers.  Email scammers are pretending to have been in an accident and need your legal services to settle the case.  There have also been email scams aimed at the public pretending to come from real law firms (I wrote about that in my article “Is Your Law Firm’s Name or Brand Being Used to Commit Fraud?”).

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Using Credit Cards to Increase Revenue & Cash Flow

Retailers and some lawyers have long known that credit cards create more sales and larger sales. Now, the Salvation Army has reported that their experiment with accepting sidewalk kettle donations by credit card from wireless credit card processing transmitters has been a success.

The Associated Press reported, “Major George Hood, spokesman for the Arlington, Va.-based charity, said that the donation sizes are similar to online donations, which average about $75. CNN reported that the Salvation Army claimed that sidewalk donations increased from $1-2 paid by cash to $14 paid by credit card.” (see also at MSNBC)

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Turn Traditional Business Priorities Right Side Up

Famous NASCAR driver Robby Gordon loves racing, but he likes to make money and knows how to do it. He may not have the best finish times, but he probably became a financial success quicker than anybody else on the NASCAR circuit. What’s his secret? Robby Gordon turned traditional priorities upside down or, rather, right side up. Robby said, “I own a marketing company that happens to race cars”. Robby obviously spends a considerable amount of time with marketing. He recently spent three days mentoring the owner of a floundering racecar school to appear on a great new television show for small-business entrepreneurs, The Turnaround on CNN. He also knows something else, how to adapt with the times.

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Group Lawyer TV Advertising, Advantages & Disadvantages

A TV advertising campaign requires sufficient capital to produce or license TV commercials and maintain an uninterrupted weekly budget to buy media on several TV stations. The financial requirements can be difficult for a solo law practice to afford. Where the advertising is for personal injury cases, which can take from several months to years before income is realized, cash flow difficulties require an even larger amount of available capital. If you don’t have use of a 1-800 vanity phone number, which can reduce advertising costs by more than 50%, even more money is needed for advertising. Shared TV lawyer advertising programs or group lawyer TV advertising programs offer lawyers on a limited budget the opportunity to participate in TV lawyer advertising by combining the advertising dollars of many lawyers to form a competitive advertising budget. The only group lawyer TV advertising programs I am aware of are for personal injury cases.

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Should Lawyers Be Allowed To Advertise?

Competition is the bedrock of American democratic society. Competition fosters better service and fairer prices. For instance, competition may force a smaller law firm to provide better and more personal service in order to compete with a larger firm which spends more money on advertising or which offers lower fees. The consumer always wins when there is competition and advertising fosters competition. Societies which abhor competition are either socialist, communist or dictatorships. According to the Adam Smith Institute, Adam Smith, LL.D., in An Inquiry into the Nature And Causes of the Wealth of Nations (1776), “…showed convincingly how the principles of free trade, competition, and choice would spur economic development, reduce poverty, and precipitate the social and moral improvement of humankind.” “So persuasive were his arguments that they not only provided the world with a new understanding of the wealth-creating process; they laid the intellectual foundation for the great era of free trade and economic expansion that dominated the Nineteenth Century.”

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