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Does Your Customer Service Kill?

Is your law firm really going to extremes when providing customer service to your clients?  This lawsuit funding company does.

The video below shows a testimonial on a TV commercial from a company providing lawsuit funding to personal injury accident victims.

The accident victim tells just how far they went for him.  At 0.46 seconds, he says “…They killed a man. They helped me out.”

Now, that’s customer service!  He didn’t say whether it was the defendant who was killed.

Actually, I believe he really said “they kill it man. They helped me out.”, but it doesn’t sound like it.

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The Ever Changing Face of Advertising, Inc. announced a deal with filmmaker Woody Allen to write and direct his first television series for Amazon Prime’s Instant Video streaming service.  The deal is a further commitment to distribute video content by Amazon since it started just over a year ago.

But is it a commitment to get more viewers or sign up more members for Amazon Prime?  Costco makes most of it’s profit from the membership fee and Amazon also charges a fee for Prime which brings more business to Amazon.

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Lawyer’s 2 minute local Super Bowl ad!

A personal injury attorney aired an unbelievable 2 minute long halftime TV commercial in a Super Bowl ad.  No, the ad wasn’t national – it was local, aired in Savannah, GA but it’s still costly and it was 2 minutes long!  The TV ad features heavy-metal music and looks like a movie trailer.

The lawyer, Jamie Casino, Esq., wrote, directed and starred in the ad to honor his brother who was murdered along with his friend.  Of course, it’s also advertising his personal injury practice.   Jamie explains that he used to be a criminal lawyer until the murders and then decided to switch to personal injury to represent victims.

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How To Get More Time For Advertising and Marketing

Advertising and marketing costs more than money.  It costs your time.  Additionally, lawyers have to work harder and more efficiently to earn the same legal fees of years ago.

Advertising efforts can be delegated to an advertising agency but you still need to spend your time overseeing your advertising campaign.  If you have no idea what you’re agency is doing you’re doomed for failure.

With TV advertising becoming more difficult, marketing becomes even more important.  Although less expensive than advertising, marketing costs a lot more of your time.  With increased marketing, you’ll get more cases and need more time.  It’s a vicious circle.

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Will lawyers soon stream advertising into your head?

Will lawyers soon stream advertising into your head?  It’s now possible.

Sky Deutschland developed technology for advertising which was previously designed for the military called bone conduction.  Bone conduction transmits sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull by converting electrical signals to vibration.

Often seen in movies worn by military special ops troops, bone conduction technology advanced to use for people with a hearing problem as can be seen with this bone anchored hearing system and now in consumer technology such as AfterShokz headphones.

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Why McCain Already Lost the Election-the Wrong Message at the Wrong Time

Winning an election is all about advertising and it’s all in the message. McCain is using the tried and true Republican message which is attack the opponent. This message has worked very well in the past, but is not working now. Attacking the opponent works when the population is happy. When things are not going well, this type of strategy does not work.

When people are unhappy, a political candidate must explain what can be done to make things better. When people are already happy, changing things can only present risk. Thus, attacking your opponent becomes an effective strategy.

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How should you really evaluate ROI when advertising your law practice?

Many lawyers tell me that they would like to try TV advertising or billboards for a month. If it’s working at the end of the month, they will continue. When these lawyers consider if their advertising is going well, they look at the number of calls they received and want to see that enough clients were retained. Many of these lawyers will be disappointed and go away happy that they cut their losses, never realizing that they really cut their profits.

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How Much Should You Expect To Earn On Advertising?

Lawyers are often as afraid of advertising as playing Roulette. Try it for a month and if there’s no winnings, cut your losses! The casinos aren’t worried. To them it’s all business. They know they will lose big every now and then, but overall, they know, and control, the exact percentage of profit on each game.

Just how much of a return on investment should you earn from advertising? Do you expect to spend $12,000 a month on advertising and earn $50,000 every month? After watching the CBS News “Sunday Morning” show about drug advertising, I decided to take a look at what their happy with.

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Will Your Business Be Successful?

When there is little competition, business is easy and brute force advertising, using lots of money, works. But, when the going gets tough, brute force is destined for failure.

When the competition intensifies, differentiation decides success or failure. A few large companies may survive by increasing brute force, but most will fail. Companies that differentiate themselves and their service or their products will not only survive, but will succeed.

When the first IBM PC came on the market, there was little competition and IBM had the funds for brute force advertising. When the competition got tough years later, brute force advertising stopped working and instead of differentiating their product, IBM simply pulled out of the PC market.

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Should You Buy Your Own TV Media Time or Use an Advertising Agency?

It may seem like a good idea. You can save the 15% advertising agency commission and you can save a lot more than that if you end up with an unscrupulous advertising agency that substantially marks up the media time and then charges a commission on top of that.

The truth is that buying your own TV media time is a huge mistake, unless your law firm is large enough for an in-house professional media buyer. Buying your own TV media time is equivalent to your client being his or her own lawyer. Not only does it require experience, knowledge and services you don’t have, but it is much more work than you think, requiring time you don’t have.

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Turn Traditional Business Priorities Right Side Up

Famous NASCAR driver Robby Gordon loves racing, but he likes to make money and knows how to do it. He may not have the best finish times, but he probably became a financial success quicker than anybody else on the NASCAR circuit. What’s his secret? Robby Gordon turned traditional priorities upside down or, rather, right side up. Robby said, “I own a marketing company that happens to race cars”. Robby obviously spends a considerable amount of time with marketing. He recently spent three days mentoring the owner of a floundering racecar school to appear on a great new television show for small-business entrepreneurs, The Turnaround on CNN. He also knows something else, how to adapt with the times.

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Can Your Law Firm Compete on TV With a Small Budget?

You’re considering lawyer advertising on TV, but you’re afraid your law firm can’t compete. You’re probably thinking that you can only afford somewhere between $5,000 and $15,000 per month, but there are two or three law firms each spending $200,000 per month on advertising, monopolizing your market. With the public seeing your competitors’ commercials all day long, can you successfully compete and ensure that your money will not be wasted?

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